7 famous cricket personalities who changed their playing roles

Posted by: Shubh Aggarwal


#1 Billy Bowden

The man who made umpiring look fun with his interesting signalling styles was once a cricketer himself. But Billy Bowden suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and the only way for him to be present on a cricket ground during a live match was to take up umpiring. His unique style of signalling the dismissal of a batsman is not natural. Because of arthritis, it was tough for him to hold the finger straight which led to the “crooked finger of doom”.


Billy Bowden Red Card

Bowden then added some method to his madness and put his own slant on several other signals, like signalling a four in “crumb-sweeping” style and signalling sixes with a “double crooked finger six-phase hop” and became one of the most popular umpires in world cricket

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