Top 5 mid-pitch conversations in the history of cricket

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Mid-pitch Conversations: Over the years Cricket has progressed significantly and the way it is played has also changed. During long partnerships batsmen spend several hours batting in the middle of the 22-yards; people might be curious about what they talk about.

Mid-pitch Conversations

May be they exchange a small joke or a funny comment which surely ease their  pressure during a tense match or it may be some instruction given to a junior by his senior partner. Although the mid-pitch conversations usually take place among the batsmen present but it can also include a player from the opposite team.

Let us have a look at 5 famed mid-pitch conversations in cricket:

#1 AB De Villiers and Virat Kohli



Players from different parts of the world are brought together by the Indian Premier League to share the same dressing room, which is a significant achievement for the game to prosper. Virat Kohli and A.B. De Villiers who are the two living legends of the game produced a remarkable partnership of 229-runs in a match against Gujrat Lion earlier this year.

Their partnership included 20 sixes and 15 fours. When nobody was expecting even a century form Kohli, the Delhi-born hit four sixes and a four in the first 5 balls of the last over.

Before the last ball,  De Villiers walked up to him and said, “When the chinaman (bowler Shivil Kaushik) was bowling and I hit him for three sixes, (De Villiers) came up to me and said “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Kohli replied “No, just keep quiet. I don’t want to hear it!” and said after the innings in post-match interview, “So I just kept … hitting it and eventually, I got to the three-figure mark.”

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