Top 5 Australian sledgers ever

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#3 Shane Warne

Top 5 Australian sledgers ever

“I have been waiting 2 years for another chance to humiliate you.” (Warne to South Africa’s Cullinan)

At No. 3 is another all-time Test great. One of the 5 greatest Australian cricketers of all.


Shane Warne is the greatest leg-spinner of all time and one of the best bowlers of all time. Shane Warne brought leg-spin out from a dusty closet and made it fashionable again. To many Warne remains the greatest spinner – if not bowler – of them all. He took 708 Test wickets, 37 five-wicket hauls and bowled the best ball in history.

Shane Warne was also a top-class sledger. He never backed down from a battle and locked horns with numerous batsmen, generally saving his best for the Ashes.

Fast bowlers can sledge with the added factor of fear on their end. Shane Warne, as a spin bowler, used good old-fashioned sledging to contribute to his aura on the field.

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