Twitter reacts to George Bailey’s side-on batting stance

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After a prolific start to his career, Bailey has decided to change his batting stance. He was seen playing with his new side-on batting stance against Kiwis the previous day. However, he started playing with this stance 3 weeks ago and it’s been quite successful so far.

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George Bailey’s stance is completly opposite to how Shivnarine Chanderpaul used to play but he isn’t going to win any style awards for his new batting stance.

Here is what he said about his new stance talking to the Channel 9,

“It just works. I just seem to hit the ball much cleaner. I still nick the ball and kick the ball every now and then, but at the moment I’m scoring more runs before I make that mistake.”

Fair play. If it works, it works, but social media wasn’t about to let it slide. Words like unorthodox, but ‘drunk,’ ‘batsh*t crazy’ and ‘deluded’ have all been used on social media and may be more appropriate.

He himself admitted that it’s quite bizzare, “I don’t like looking at it if I’m being honest.”

Here is how twitter reacted to George Bailey’s side-on batting stance:





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