10 deliveries which stunned everyone


#9 Yasir Shah

Yasir Shah

It has just been over 12 months since his test debut against Australia and Yasir Shah is already the number 2 ranked test bowler in the world. He has induced fresh life to the art of orthodox leg spin which was found to be dying since the retirement of Shane Warne. Just like an orthodox leg spinner who flights the ball, turns the ball with his wrists instead of relying on the track, Shah also has the capability to turn the ball a long way.

In one such delivery, he pitched the ball outside off stump bowling round the wicket to Chris Rogers, gained turn and bounce from the track and the ball went past Chris Rogers’ arm guard and was gathered by a diving Sarfaraz Ahmed way outside leg stump. A huge puff of dust oozed out of the track which helped the ball spin that much. Everyone including Yasir had smiles on. But good work Sarfaraz!