10 Superstitions in History of Cricket

Posted by: Dr. Hareem


Superstitions in History of Cricket

Cricketers are a superstitious also.Here are the list of 10 Superstitions in History of Cricket:-

10. Not Out, Not Accessible

Michael Atherton

If Mike Atherton remained not-out at the end of day’s play, then he would have avoided the media. No interviews or comments; nothing would come out of his lips as he would keep himself from cursing his innings.


09. The Red Handkerchief

Steve Waugh (Australia) vs Partiv Patel (India)
Steve Waugh

His grandfather gave him a handkerchief that stayed as a loyal companion throughout his career. It proved lucky for him or senior Waugh was that talented – we’ll never know! Many have copied him but none have got his skill, art & courage.

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