25 Most Interesting Facts About Cricket


16) Only Unchanged Law

The only law of Cricket that hasn’t been changed or modified is the length of the pitch (22 yards).

17) OLD and New Bailey

There was an Australian cricketer in 1870’s named George Bailey, who is great-great-grandfather of current Australian ODI skipper George Bailey.

18) Substitue Fielder recieved MOM

He went as a substitute fielder and took 7 catches and was awarded man of the match award. Apart from this, there is no incidence where 12th man got man of the match. After that the team started including him in playing 11 and later he created wonders and became one of the most respected players of the game.

19) The Cricket Wall

Rahul Dravid has seen 453 wickets fall at the other end during his entire test career, most by any batsman.

20) Longest Match

The longest cricket match in history occurred in 1939 between England and South Africa in Durban. It was an untimed match. It lasted for 10 days. England needed 42 more runs to win, but the team’s boat was sailing home the next day and so the match was abandoned and declared a draw.