5 instances when cricketing stars came up with Hilarious replies to fans


The advent of social media has end the gap between celebrities. It is not unusual to see fans engaging in direct conversation with their favorite Cricket players these days through different platforms, the most common one is Twitter.while most comments from fans appreciation for their favourite players while there are instances when things start entering the territory of personal attack.

Here are 5 such instances fans got epic replies from their heroes.

#5 Broad’s tearing response to critical Aussie fan

The Ashes series has always seen a lot of banter b/w cricketers and fans from both Countries. It has increased even more due to the easy access to social media. Here is the Conservation between Broad & Aussie Fan.

The fan, who was angry at his team’s thrashing at the hands of the England cricket team, tweeted to Broad asking why he can’t walk when he is out. Broad was not at all impressed by this and responded by questioning

Fan tweet: Cant u walk when u get out!!

Broad’s reply: “Like your players do? You are just a pathetic hypocrite”


Cricket Heaven Staff

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