5 Most worst decisions in modern cricket


5 Most worst decisions in modern  cricket

Playing a cricket match is a simple  thing. Playing a good   cricket match better than your opponent is another thing.  Sometimes you perform much better than your opponent , but still at the end of the day, you do not have the match . Why does it go like this?
Generally cricket has 3 departments. But there is another department like the fourth pillar of the modern era of cricket. That fourth pillar here is bad Umpiring.
It played its part in  controversial Sydney Test between IND and AUS in 2008, when despite putting up a excellent  performance, India Still lost the match. We also saw many controversial descisions in Ashes also .

Below is the list of 5 Worst decisions in modern Era of cricket :-

5) Sarwan vs Zimbabwe in 2013

Zimbabwe tour of West Indies, 2nd ODI Match : WI v ZIM , Feb 24, 2013

West Indies 2nd Innings, 123-2 in 30.1 overs; Chibhaba to Sarwan(53), Umpire was Nero

Zimbabwe posted a good score 274 runs for the West Indies to win. West Indies required 151 in last 20 overs with 8 wickets in hands. Chibhaba started the 31st over of the innings by bowling a slightly fuller length ball which was driven straight by Sarwan.
The batsmen ran for the single. Chikabva from extra cover collected the ball and struck the stumps with a direct hit. Sarwan knew that he was out and the fielders were also confident.
The replay confirmed the same and Sarwan’s dismal reactions since he was good eight inches short of his ground. But what was that? He was not out 😮 Umpire Nero had not referred it to the 3rd umpire. The fielders had not protested at all.
Sarwan was on 53 at that time and he went to score 120 not out and saw his team home.