8 Intense Brawls between Cricketers and Fans


Experts, brands, media and governing bodies on one side, but it is the fans who have made cricket what it is today. It might feel like they don’t contribute much to the game but the game is nothing without the fans. Their unconditional cheering and the ever continuing enthusiasm inspire the cricketers to give their best on the field. Even the biggest superstars have publicly accepted the importance of fans in their respective career. But just like everything, there can be two sides of a fan as well – the good and the bad. Sometimes the same love and affection takes an ugly shape which results is altercations which tarnish the sport’s image world over and do no good to the player’s integrity.

Here we list the 8 Most infamous brawls between cricketers and fans:

1. Mr. Potato – Inzamam-ul-Haq:

This is one of the most unforgettable incidents of a player involving in a heated altercation with a spectator. Inzamam-ul-Haq was not only famous for his impeccable batting skills but also for getting out in weird ways and for this incident during the second game of the Sahara Cup in 1997. Things got both ugly and hilarious at the same time when Inzamam, who was fielding at the boundary was provoked by some Indian supporters who constantly agitated him saying things like: ” “O mote, sidha khara ho [O fatso, stand straight], mota aaloo, sada alloo [fat potato, rotten potato].” (as reported by a Pakistan newspaper The Dawn.

Inzamam lost his cool, jumped into the stands, pulled the abusing fan to the ground swinging his bat wildly him. The game was stopped for 40 mins because of a mini-riot and had the security officials not intervened, Inzi would have came transformed that misbehaving fan into a mashed potato.