8 Unpredictable Places which hosted Cricket


When torrential downpours stopped play and destroyed one of the most amazing grounds in the country, the future of Threlkeld CC in Cumbria looked very much in doubt.

But instead of moping, club players decided to raise money to save it – by producing a calendar of amazing photographs showing them playing at a series of unlikely, hazardousy and extreme locations.

They include the mountain of Blencathra, Shepherd’s Crag near Borrowdale and an island in Derwentwater.

Here we start our list of 8 Unpredictable Places which hosted Cricket:

#1 – A Bridge

Risky Places which hosted cricket - A Dangerous Bridge

Cricketers are playing cricket at Via Ferrata at Honister to raise money.

A bridge too far? Could You Imagine Yourself playing cricket at this high-risk Bridge? As far as I know, You can’t. It’s the risky place to play cricket, but not for these daring players, who decided to make a calendar of photographs showing them playing at extreme locations to raise money after their Cumbrian ground flooded.