A moment when 11 cricketers were jointly named MoM


South Africa Cricket Team 90s
Probably we have seen many times that 2 players from the same side share the MoM award in a test match, or sometimes 2 players from 2 opposite sides. But there was a moment when all 11 players from a single team had got the Man of the Match award.

MoM awards are given to the player who has contributed the most to victory in that match or has contributed to the match in a way which can’t be ignored. But it is a rare scene indeed when all 11 players from a side contributed to team’s victory equally.

This has been the one and only test in history till date when all 11 players from a side have shared the MoM award.

Match: 5th Test – South Africa vs West Indies

Season: 1998/99

Venue: Centurion Park, South Africa

This test match was won by Proteas by 351 runs and their 11 players shared the MoM award for their equal contribution in winning. Here is a table that shows brief scores of all four innings of that match.

Match Innings Team Runs
1st Innings South Africa 313/10
2nd Innings West Indies 144/10
3rd Innings South Africa 399/5(Dec)
4th Innings West Indies 217/10

Here is a table that shows contribution of all 11 players of South Africa, due to which they got the MoM award.

Player Contribution
G Kirsten 134 runs
H Gibbs 53 runs
J Kallis 110 runs, 3 wickets and catches taken
D Cullinan 13 runs scored and a wicket taken
H Cronje 83 runs scored and catches taken
J Rhodes 127 runs scored and catches
S Pollock 16 runs scored and 3 wickets taken
M Boucher 100 runs scored and 2 catches taken
L Klusener 12 runs scored and 3 wickets taken
A Donald 12 runs scored, 6 wickets and a catch taken
P Admas 7 runs scored, 4 wickets and a catch taken

So far, there have been 14 instances when 2 players from the same team were given the MoM award in a Test match and there have been 26 instances in Tests when 2 players from opposite sides were given the MoM award.


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