Bad Boys of Cricket – 7 Sex Scandals in Cricket


The Bad Boys of Cricket- 7 Sex Scandals in Cricket: If you were thinking that off-field sex scandals are only in lives of Football players, then this epic list will shock you..

Although, cricket is a gentlemen’s game but every coin has an other side too. Today, we will showcase some of the most piercing off-field scandals which were a revelation and took the cricketing world to absolute bewilderment.

1. Shane Keith Warne:

Shane Keith Warne

The Australian Warne was magician with the ball on the 22 yards. But, he was the official king of the off- field scandals as well. From kissing his girlfriend, Supermodel Elizabeth Hurley openly in the stadium during 2011 IPL to his extra martial affairs, this man has done it all.

In May 2006, Warne was pictured with two 25 years old models during a county match. “Shane blew our minds, “He was so fit. I’d give him top marks for more than satisfying us” said one of the girls namely Coralie Eichholtz. Warne’s wife, Simone, had by this point filed for divorce.