BCCI : Visiting Teams Will play atleast 1 Practice match against Afghanistan

Posted by: Ritish Kumar


Focussing on the development of Afghanistan Cricket, BCCI has decided that every team travelling to India will play atleast 1 Practice match against Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Cricket team has it’s homeground in Greater Noida and Dehradun. This new trend by BCCI will ensure that the Afghani Cricketers get enough International Exposure.


The decision was taken after BCCI’s acting secretary,Amitabh Choudhary met the Afghanistan Cricket Board chairman,Atif Mashal,in Kabul over the last few days. “Afghanistan is now a full member of the ICC and we share a cordial relation with the BCCI. This will help in strengthening the development of the game,” ACB chief Mashal said.

Afghanistan will play its first Test against India at the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on June 14.

“Afghanistan players are well known and loved in the country (India) for their performances in the IPL, and it will increase in the coming years. Cricket will help strengthen the ties between the two countries further,” BCCI’s Choudhary said.


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