5 most embarrassing moments for a cricketer


Embarrassing moments for a cricketer: Competitiveness, aggressiveness, and passion have always been a part and parcel of cricket makes it a significant sport just like any other. At times, companionship between players from the opposing teams tends to lighten the proceedings and gives everyone some much-needed breathing space.

Embarrassing moments for a cricketer:

At times, certain incidents involving cricketers on the field can also become hilarious for fellow players as well as the crowd. Although it causes nothing but absolute embarrassment for the one who is involved in it.

Here are 5 of the most embarrassing moments for a cricketer:

#1 Getting hit in the groin

Embarrassing moments for a cricketer faf struck-on-the-groin-1477135782-800

The topmost and extreme embarrassment in cricket for the batsman is the experience of being struck by the ball in the groin area. Even the strongest batsmen find it difficult to bear this hit with a straight face and do need at least a couple of minutes to recover.

Most probably this happens due to a wrong judgment of the length of the ball. Some batsmen prefer to go down just like Faf du Plessis in the above image while others prefer to jog around for a while to overcome it. However the cricket ball hitting a player’s family jewels does not warrant a departure from the field of play, it may disturb him for some time.

Here is what Faf has to say on this topic,

“For those who don’t know I’m one of the guys who get hit in the nuts probably the most in the world. For those who do know, it’s a very, very painful thing to go through.”