I will follow MS Dhoni’s footsteps – Messi

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Former Indian Captain MS Dhoni is well Known for his calm and Composed Nature both as a Captain as well as a player. That’s why he is often referred to as Captain Cool. His leadership skills have become too famous that even Lionel Messi aims to follow his footsteps.

MS Dhoni’s contribution to Indian Cricket is inexplicable. He has made his mark in Indian Premier League and he is considered as the best captain India has ever got.

The biggest secret to his success is considered his calm and composed temperament. Whatever the situation has been, Dhoni has come up with the best decisions even in the gravest of circumstances. This is the reason he is also known as the Captain Cool. Now, Lionel Messi will be following MS Dhoni’s cool style of captaincy.


The new Avatar of Messi will be visible in the upcoming Fifa world cup when he will be under pressure to make his team champion. Preparing for the world cup, the Argentine captain has revealed about his plans for the upcoming Fifa world cup. Messi has also said that he has complete faith in his team and they will play with calm and stable mindset. Messi also said that he can not guarantee the title win as there are many other teams who will give a tough fight to Argentina.

Messi said we will play the tournament match by match. He emphasized that they will need to play with all their strength and concentration. He also said that we can not be sure about being the best and winning the title in the tournament. He laid emphasis on playing match by match and said about focusing on the upcoming match against Iceland.

Messi has said that we need to be honest about what we are capable of and he also accepted that there are teams better than ours and we need to be positive about that. Messi said I will follow Dhoni’s approach and hope things turn out well.


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