5 improvisations gifted by T20s to the cricket world


People have always criticized T20 cricket to be slowly killing the essence of test cricket. It might be true to an extent but we also cannot neglect how T20 cricket has improvised cricket in a positive direction. It has made both test cricket and limited overs cricket much more attractive pilling more fans towards the sport.. Here is a list of 5 things gifted by T20 cricket:

#1 Newer Camera Angles

Newer camera angles in cricket

You might acknowledge the progress in technology for the invention of spider cams and GoPro camera but you have to admit that T20 laid a perfect platform to introduce these gadgets. They add a new dimension to the game and spider cams specially provides a very fresh viewing angle for the TV viewers. Big Bash League has also witnessed the use of coptercams with a positive reception from the fans.

Although these innovative cameras have proved to be a disturbing element on the field for the players on several occasions, they provide angles from which the fans have never seen the game before and the innovation is certainly here to stay.