Kohli vs. Sachin – Similarities & Difference


Kohli vs. Sachin – Similarities & Differences

Overview: Recently Indian cricketing legend Kapil Dev,  said that  Virat Kohli will rewrite more records than anyone else in world cricket and added that Kohli will surpass even Sachin Tendulkar’s monumental career achievements in the years to come.

Interestingly, Kapil Dev isn’t the only one to have made such a comment. Cricket pundits and ex and current cricketers from across the globe are vouching on the same lines. They believe that Virat Kohli is well on his way to outshine Sachin’s legendary status by the time he calls it a day and have already labeled him a modern day cricketing ‘great’. While all this may sound a little puerile to many, what cannot be ignored is that Virat Kohli, with his continuous stupendous performances, is certainly giving everyone a reason to make those remarks.

The 25- year- old Kohli, has already scored many centuries in both Tests and ODIs combined in his short career and is looking set for much more. His ODI records are better than Sachin’s at the latter’s same comparable stage and Kohli is currently breaking these records and winning awards at such a breakneck speed that it’s leaving everyone breathless. This was something which the Indian fan was used to seeing Sachin do for most of his career.  The comparisons between the ‘Master Blaster’ and his ‘heir to be’ were thus inevitable. But are they all justified?

Let us look at some of the similarities and differences between Sachin and Kohli that seem quite apparent.

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Here are the differences,

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