NZC chief executive defends McCullum


Shocked & confused! B McCullum reveals approach by his ‘hero’ to fix matches

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) chief executive David White has said he’s disappointed that McCullum’s testimony was leaked to the Daily Mail, but said has put his full support behind the national skipper, saying that this “small delay” in reporting the approach will not land McCullum in trouble.

All cricketers are required to report any approach to fix matches immediately to ICC’s Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU), and with McCullum’s revelations coming after almost 6 years, there were questions of whether he’d be charged by ICC for the violation of the corruption code.

White has however made it clear that McCullum isn’t under any investigations himself, and is only assisting ICC with his testimony.


“I’ve spoken to Brendon and he’s very disappointed he’s in the public domain,” David White said.

“He’s not under investigation and his testimony has been applauded by the ICC. He was approached and he rebuffed those approaches and he reported it to the ICC.

“We believe he’s done the right thing and we’ve got 100 per cent confidence in our captain and his role in tackling corruption.

“We understand there might have been a small delay in reporting the approaches but we know this has been canvassed by the ICC and they have no issues with it, at all.”

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