Stories behind Aussie Cricketers and their Nicknames

Almost all popular cricketers have nicknames. It is , “Little Master” for Sacin or “Binga” for  Lee, there is a special place in our hearts for their names that get associated with our favorite players. Australians seem to have taken the game a notch higher, as they come up with the most outlandish names possible. But do you know the story behind each name? Here is a roundup of our Stories behind some Aussie cricketers and their nicknames:

#1 Steve Waugh – Tugga

This is probably the most appropriate nickname of all. Steve Waugh is called Tugga for the way he plays cricket – Tough & Fierce. Tugga is actually a play on ‘tug of war’. It is also one of the few nicknames amongst Aussies that is meant as a compliment rather than pulling the player’s leg.

Steve Waugh is known as Taugga
Steve Waugh’s Nickname is Tugga