Top 10 batsmen dismissed most times for LBW in Test Cricket


The most controversial and the most discussed way of getting out is lbw(leg before wicket)it is called when a batsman has his legs in front of the wickets and the balls hits his pad before hitting his bat. In cricket a batsman is expected to play his shots with a bat not with his legs and the way of getting out because of using his legs is termed as lbw. Here is the list of top 10 batsman who were dismissed the most in this fashion.

#10 Brian Lara – 37


The 10th of 11 children, Brian Lara learnt his game at the Harvard Coaching Clinic, where he was enrolled at the age of six, and although at school he played for Trinidad’s junior football and table tennis side, it was cricket which really drew him. Currently he is regarded as one of the greats of cricket. Lara got out lbw 37 times which is quite fascinating for a batsman of his class.