Top 10 Cricket Bat’s Brands


Life without cricket seems impossible and cricket without a cricket bat cannot be imagined. Owning a cricket bat in childhood has been one of the biggest moment of happiness for most of us. With the advancement of science in various field, the science of cricket bats has also taken a giant forward step with cricket bats being available in a range of sizes and manufacturers offering unique variations keeping in mind the comfort level of the user. From shape, size to the quality of the wood used, everything has been varied by the companies to make a name for themselves and to improve sales. Here is the list of top 10 cricket bat’s brands that every cricket freak wants to have.

10. Adidas Master Blaster Club


Best Cricket Bat - Adidas Master Blaster Bat
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As soon as this design of Adidas came out, it was made popular by Sachin Tendulkar. It features a low middle which makes it effective to bat in Asian conditions and its combination with high spine makes it pefect for a frontfoot player to attack the ball. Since it is a Club level bat, Grade IIII Willow (Face Guard) is used to manufacture it. The famous ‘ST’ logo of this bat was designed with the help of the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar himself which made it popular among fans.