Top 15 Fastest Bowlers at Present in Cricket


Green and bouncy pitches are a paradise for fast bowlers. But especially for the bowlers with an incredible speed. So who was the fastest bowler of all-time? Many may know that but Who is the fastest bowler at present?

Great names like Akhtar, Brett Lee, Thompson, Tait and Johnson in list of fastest bowlers have retired. These are some leaders in list of Top 10 fastest bowlers of all time so instead of looking at all-time fastest bowlers we look into 15 fastest bowlers at present. You may also like: Top 10 fastest bowlers of all time

#15 Pat Cummins @ 151 kph

Pat Cummins
Image Source: Getty Images

Fastest Ball:
151 kmph

England vs Australia

Patrick Cummins is an Australian fast Bowler. Cummins made his Test debut at age 18 and plays domestic cricket for New South Wales. Cummins is a fast bowler who regularly bowls faster than 145 km/h.

His fastest delivery was clocked at 151 kmph.
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