Top 5 fast bowlers with longest run-ups


The longest bowling run-up record is not held by any professional cricketer but by a non-professional 43-year-old financial consultant, Ian Biddle who made a record by running 2.6 miles to his bowling crease during a celebrity cricket match in 2015.

A fast bowler in full flight, storming in to his bowling crease is an interesting sight to behold. But unfortunately, due to too much cricket nowadays  fast bowlers are compelled to cut down their run-ups.

Still, it would be riveting to look back to those days when the hearts of the batsmen were filled with fear due to long dreaded run up of fast bowlers . Here are 5 fast bowlers with long run-ups.

5) David Lawrence


David Lawrence was one of those fast bowlers who are not very well remembered. He was a reservoir of talent who bear a bright but very short career  span due to a knee injury.

At the young age of 17, he gained a lot of attention when he opened the bowling for Gloucestershire along with Courtney Walsh. After 1991, in the fifth test at Oval, he broke into the Test team against the West Indies.

Though unpredictable and stubborn at times, Lawrence with a very long and fast run-up feared the batsmen picking up five wickets. He was recognized as the main English strike bowler until a terrible knee injury brought an end to his career.