Top 5 Off-field Controversies involving Chris Gayle


Chris Gayle is a big player of the game. To watch him play is to watch instant gratification personified as he hits the ball around with a vengeance. Off the field, he is just as hard hitting when it comes to seeking instant gratification. Sometimes his actions have landed him in hot water, other times it has caused the stalwart guardians of the gentleman’s sport to roll their eyes at what they perceive as an affront to the sport.

Here is a look at Top 5 Off-field Controversies involving Chris Gayle

#5 Police bust Chris Gayle’s party

Gayle Off-Field COntroversy - Police with Gayle

It is said that ‘The party doesn’t begin till the police show up.’ In this case the police showed up to bust the party.

Chris Gayle and his teammates Russell, Edwards and Dwayne Smith were partying at the Cinnamon Grand in Colombo when the party was busted by the police. They ended up detaining 3 girls from the party.

The Srilankan police issued a statement later

“At least 3 girls of British nationality have been arrested for unauthorized entry by the ministerial security division when they entered the hotel floor of the rooms of the West Indian cricketers.”

The employees of hotel maintained that no illegal activity was at had:

“There was no wrong doing on the part of the players or the women and we are surprised at the police action. It is not against the law to be a guest of a player.”

said an employee of the hotel.


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