Top 5 tallest cricketers ever

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Tallest Cricketers: As cricket always depends on skill, some tallest cricketers in the world have played an important role for their teams. With many giants of the game being giants in their real life also. Therefore, we made a list of the tallest cricketers ever to see how they performed in their respective careers.

The only criteria for selection to this list was that these tallest cricketers must have played an international match for their country. Just because of this criteria players like Will Jefferson, Paul Dunkels (both 6 feet 10 inches) and Anthony Allom (6 feet 9 inches) were dropped out.

Most of the players on this list are bowlers (and understandably so!), and while some names might be as expected, some could surprise you!

#5 Peter George – 203cm (6 feet 8 inches)

tallest cricketers


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Tallest cricketers

26 years old, 6’8″ tall and not many injuries of note during his career, Peter George possess all the qualities to be a leading fast bowler.

Although, despite being likened to Glenn McGrath, George was only included in this list because he played one Test match against India in Bangalore in 2010. He didn’t played well in that encounter either, as he managed to get just two wickets in both innings put together. Apart from this, much like the other tall bowlers on this list who seem clueless with the bat in hand, George scored a grand total of two runs in his two innings put together as India cruised to a win in that match.

Although, one of his two dismissals was one rather special, as George claimed the scalp of Sachin Tendulkar when the he was on 214, knocking down his stumps.

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