3 Wicket-keepers who retired due to serious injuries


Wicket-keepers who retired due to serious injuries

The wicket-keeper is one of the part of the team  who plays a very tough task behind the stumps.Wicket-keeper is the most seen player in any match.
Taking catches behind the stumps, stumping out the batsman when he is not in the crease is the major task of wicket-keeper.

Injuries has been the biggest concern for each player in the cricket.

Take a look at the Wicket-keepers who retired due to serious injuries:-

Mark Boucher


Country Matches Runs Catches Stumps
South Africa 467 10469 953 46

Boucher was one of the integral parts of South African team and was one of the best wicket-keeper for South Africa.The wicket-keeper batsman got injured when he was knocked out by Tahir’s googly. Boucher dismissed 998 players which is record, comprising 555 from 147 Tests.He scored 10469 International runs in all formats.


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